Fearless Little John


Once upon a time there was young man called Fearless Little John, because Little John was not afraid of anything. It so came that one day on his travels he was looking for a place to stay.

"There’s no space for you here," said the innkeeper, "But if you have no fear, then you might stay in the palace."

"Why should I be afraid?" asked Little John.

"Because if you feel afraid, then you will never be able to leave. And then, when the morning comes, there in the palace shall I find you dead!"

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My very first translated fable. I’ll give some others a go. This is just for fun, but I might do some write ups on what I did.




people whose parents pay them for good grades


a family of kids between 6 and 17 (like 4 of them) came into my shop and they’d ALL gotten good grades and they’d ALL gotten a certain amount of money and they were pooling it to buy a wiiU to play together over the summer break and if you don’t think that’s the cutest shit on earth you can get out of my face

my brother got paid for good grades

i did not

fuck that fucking noise